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NEVER Put This Down the Drain!

Out of all the modern wonders we enjoy in our homes today, perhaps the most abused is the household drain. Many of us take for granted the fact that we can harness running water, bring it into our homes wherever we like, and let gravity alone remove it in a safe and healthy way. Until suddenly the water doesn’t go away like we want. We have a clog.

Do your drains a favor, stop the clog, and throw these items in the trash next time:

Kitchen Sink No-No's (Even With A Disposal)

Toilet Clog Causes

Take note of these items and as a result you’ll save yourself hassle and money by preventing a clog in these ever-critical drains in your home.

If it’s too late to prevent and you’re already fighting frustratingly slow or completely backed up drains, give us a call and one of our Class-Act Drain Specialists can get to work for you and give you a custom quote to get those drains flowing like it’s 1985 (or however old your home is) all over again. 

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Got Clogs?
We'll bust em.